09 Man Pee Wee Tackle: Concussion Awareness/Resources

Q: What is the BIG DEAL about concussions?

A: A concussion is a brain injury. Suffering a subsequent concussion if a player is still recovering from one could result in permanent brain damage and possibly even death. It is progressively easier to suffer from subsequent concussions, and the damage to the brain caused by concussion can be cumulative.

Q: Why is SIFC concerned about concussions?

A: There have been many high profile NFL & NHL players whom have suffered severe career ending concussions while playing the game in ore recent years. SIFC is being proactive to ensure our membershiip is informed and have the knowledge necessary to help safe guard our players and to ensure those that do suffer a concussion have the information necessary to aid in recovery.

Q: What should I do if I suspect that my child has a concussion?

A: Go see an Emergncy Room doctor as soon as possible to get medically assessed and advise on steps to take to recover. It is also a good idea to inform yourfamily physician of the suspected concussion and it is recommended that you contact a specialized local concussion management practice.

SIFC is pleased to partner with BrainTust Canada to assist all coaches and our players and parents in delivering brain injury and concussion information, team based concussion awareness session(s) upon request and by mking availabe on our website, links to information on brain injury and concussions.


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