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Super Saturday
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This Saturday saw a first in regular season play where we had two double headers. The first of the two saw the Expos battle the Brewzers and was told that there was a sighting at Windsor park!! That being said it was all Expos on this day as the Expos swept the Brewzers. Rob"Sasquatch"Charadisis came to play going 5/9 and RBIs. Even better Dave"Macho Man"Malenfant was hotter than the weather going 7/7 3HR 11rbis. The Expos were a hitting machine on this day pounding out 49 hits Looks like the return of their fearless leader might have the Expos on the way at a long winning streak! On the losing side the Brewzers had Denis"I catch everything"Larochelle go 3/5 run and one RBI. Also Mark"Iron Man"Malone continues with his hot bat staying in the top 10 in batting.

In the other matchup saw the Reds and Hooters do battle. Paul"CTFB"Hewer only gave up two runs off 9 hits and all singles but the most glaring stat on his pitching line was giving up 2 walks. Might have been the heat. Dan"Rookie"Noel crushed a 3-2 offering over the right field fence putting the game out of reach. The second game however was hotter than the weather! Hooters came out and put 3 quick runs on the board with 4 straight singles off John"3 Speed"Spiegel pitching his second game and still not sure how he did it pitching 14 innings. The Reds came back and scored 4 of their own with another HR off the bat of Drew"Moon Shot"Glowacki. This game went back and forth with runs coming fast and furious. In the fourth inning with men on 1st and 2nd, Corbett"Hurt Me"Rowcliffe having taken balls off his chest in the last couple of weeks, steps to the plate and happily fouls one and hits him between the legs. With Mr"Moon Shot", now on second base, yells out to the hobbled batter "come on be a man/stop with the theatrics"! promptly steps in the batter box and crush a triple and scores the two runs. That's what I call a speedy recovery!! Fast forward to the 7th inning. With the Reds up by 1, the Hooters bats exploded for 8 runs to finish the game off by a score of 23-16. The Reds Derek"Save by the"Bell went 4/5 4 runs scored in the night cap. For the Hooters Dan"Two Way"Paradis went 4/5 2runs scored and 5rbis. Mike"Hoover"Cabray went 3/4 2runs scored and the key hit in the 7th.



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