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Couple of firsts on Super Saturday!
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Well in the first game wasn't much of fight in the Brewzers as the Hooters came out firing. Paul"CTFB"Hewer pitched a gem of a game only surrendering 4 runs on 10 hits. Super sub Kevin"Baby Face"Auerbach went 5/7 and RBIs'. For the first time in career history JR struck out looking for the first time. If I didn't mention this my editor in chief would;d have fired me on the spot. For the Brewzers Mark"Iron Man"Malone kept his hitting streak alive at 5 games.

In the night cap saw two more firsts. We had a sighting this week but we are not sure as the photo taken was blurred. We will just have to see this coming Saturday. The other first was the Expos finally winning their first game of the season in a thrilling high scoring affair 19-17. This game went down to the bottom of the 7th inning scoring 2 runs and the tying run on second with 2 out and couldn't get the job done.

The standing get a little more interesting for this coming weekend as the Hooters hold the top spot with logjam for 2nd between Reds/Padres/Black Sox. With the Brewzers and Expos not too far behind.

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