Selkirk 23 59
St. Malo 21 47
Arborg 25 42
Lundar 25 26
Beausejour 23 25
N. Winnipeg 25 13
Jordan Donald
31 Points
Owen Derewianchuk
.972 Save Percentage
DECEMBER 10, 2021

Local Talent, Local Coverage

Local Talent, Local Coverage

K. Pauls

Local Talent, Local Coverage

Most nights, you can find Scott Stroh at a hockey arena somewhere in Manitoba, camera and Go Pro in hand, showcasing hockey from the minor leagues all the way up to the MJHL.

“I love grassroots hockey,” he says.

“There’s something about that atmosphere of a local, small town arena that’s exciting. These kids and young adults have gone through the trenches of the minor hockey systems, working tirelessly to stay in the competitive leagues. To see them at the peak of their age level, competing night in and night out, is a huge passion.”


An affiliate of Game On Hockey, Stroh runs social media company, Junior Night in Manitoba. He is proud to cover both male and female hockey, hoping to help encourage and grow the game, and the women’s leagues in particular.


He posts photos, video and scores on Twitter (@JuniorNightMB), Instagram (@Juniornightmanitoba) and Facebook (Junior Night in Manitoba).


By Dec. 10, Stroh will have covered four CRJHL games this season and will have seen all the teams in action. He says it’s fun to promote players of all levels on the ice.


“For some, maybe this is their last stop. Years from now, they’ll have a photo of themselves that they can look back on and remember the good times,” he says.

Stroh is so well-known, even the referees stop to ask if he has photos of them in action. He is always keen to recognize the work of the “Stripes,” because without them, there would be no games.


His associate, Kelly Jacobson, covers games in northern Manitoba — an area he says deserves the same exposure as more southern communities.


“Being down at ice level with these athletes, seeing them grind it out for a chance to score a goal, make that save, in hopes that they will see themselves in a photo — that excites me vicariously through them,” he says.


“You can tell in most cases when they see a camera there, many forms of character come out. From the focused battle stare, to the charming smile, to the goofy, “Hey camera guy,” — who wouldn’t be charged up in that moment?”


Stroh also owns Ice Wave Media, a small business which provides headshots, game photos and video highlights for players and teams involved in all sports.


“Local talent, local coverage.”

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