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        Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone Information


  1. Vancouver Sea to Sky zone championship events must be inclusive and accessible events for all teams within our zone.
  1. All recognized athletic associations (NSSSAA, VSSAA, LMISSAA) are invited to be represented at our zone championship events and will receive a minimum of 1 full berth to zone events.
  1. A team / athlete (school) must qualify for the zone championship event via one of the three recognized athletic associations; NSSSAA, VSSAA, LMISSAA.
    • Athletic associations will determine their own teams / athletes final standings in qualifying for the VS2S Zone Championship Tournament / Meet / Event.
    • If a school is not a member of one of the 3 athletic associations but does reside within our zone, the Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone Executive will determine which athletic association that school must qualify through (if required).
    • Any school wishing to compete at a Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone competition must be a registered member of BCSS and in good standing with their designated athletic association.
  1. Our purpose is to:
    • provide a systematic, transparent, equitable and objective process for qualification into BCSS Provincial Championships  (BCSS)
    • provide meaningful and quality competition for the teams/athletes that have demonstrated a high competency through exhibition, regular season, and postseason play in an effort to enhance the educational and athletic experience provided to our student-athletes, in alignment with our mission and values  (BCSS)
    • provide an equitable opportunity to determine the strongest teams/athletes to represent the zone at the provincial championships  (BCSS)
    • enhance the significance and importance of the regular season and local association post-season play  (BCSS)
    • operate a tournament / competition structure that lessens the time required for the zone championships (a week or less) which in turn allows for regular season and exhibition play to be extended for all schools, allowing more students to play longer into each season of play. (BCSS)

NOTE: It should be recognized that on occasion, not every “strong” team will make their zone championship by virtue of losing an important contest at the local level. This is consistent with the objective of adding importance to league playoffs. However, the general goal is to ensure that more often than not, an equitable process is in place that generally allows the best teams to fairly earn a spot at the zone championship and have an equitable qualifying path to the provincial championships.  (BCSS)

  1. The Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone championship event should be a showcase. A high profile event to highlight our teams / athletes in the Vancouver Sea to Sky zone, provide meaningful competition, bring the season to a close and celebrate those teams moving on to BC’s.
    • Sport Committees are responsible for ensuring our Vancouver Sea to Sky Zone events run according to agreed upon rules and guidelines.
    • Sport Committees are encouraged to consider coordinating zone championship events to include multiple tiers at one location if possible. Or, consider having the final games for all / multiple tiers at one venue so to best highlight our zone and make our events special.



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